We teach you how to optimize your nutrition during pregnancy.

Be sure your baby is getting the nutrients they need to become the healthiest, smartest, strongest little versions of themselves.

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Did you know most healthy women have suboptimal nutrient levels going into pregnancy?

This can lead to adverse outcomes for your baby like:

  • Cognitive delays i.e. lower IQ, smaller brain volume, worse motor skills, higher chance of autism etc.
  • Unfavorable changes in DNA and genetic expression
  • Long term metabolic issues like childhood diabetes and obesity
  • Compromised immune system and gut health
  • Birth defects
  • Miscarriage
  • Preterm birth & low birth weight
  • Fetal macrosomia (large baby/delivery complications)
  • Preeclampsia

This can cause pregnancy complications for you like: 

  • Gestational diabetes which can lead to type 2 diabetes
  • Chronic fatigue & brain fog
  • Unhealthy weight gain & stretch marks
  • Weakened immune health
  • Postnatal depression
  • Compromised fertility (our approach combats this ahead of time)

Inside the Course:

23 Video Lessons

Guiding you through every step from fertility, to optimal nutrition, to picking your prenatal, to navigating side effects like nausea.

160 page PDF Guide

Outlining all video lessons, providing you with clickable links and a printable option for my dedicated notetakers.

Recipes + Meal Plans

Plus a 3 page product guide with links to all my favorite prenatals, grocery items, nontoxic home and beauty products.

Expert Interviews

Interviews with various Doctors, Scientists, and Researchers relating to pregnancy, fertility, and post partum

Monthly Coaching Calls

Let me answer your personal questions and debrief you on the latest research!

Doctor Recommended

“Science has shown us how important a mothers health is to the development of her unborn baby. A mothers metabolic, cognitive and micronutrient state of health before and during her pregnancy directly impacts the cognitive and physical health of her child. This program provides all the tools a mother needs to maximize her own health and the health of her baby.”

Dr. Cambria Judd, Functional Medicine Director at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach


Recommended by Dr. Mark Hyman

“Most women have nutrient deficiencies prior to and during pregnancy without even knowing it. That’s why I always like to remind couples who are trying to conceive how important it is to give their child the best chance of health from the very start. This course teaches women how to optimize their nutrition before and during pregnancy so their baby can be the healthiest, smartest, strongest little human possible. It’s packed with evidence based tips and recipes full of pregnancy superfoods for baby’s development. This is also a thoughtful gift idea for your daughter, niece, friend, or family member who is trying to conceive or newly pregnant.”
- Dr. Hyman

Did you know?

  1. what you eat during pregnancy can affect your babies IQ.
  2. the top 10 prenatal supplements on Amazon contain synthetic, man-made forms of critical vitamins that aren't bioavailable for most women.
  3. that gestational diabetes can be predicted 98% of the time before conception and is almost always  preventable.
  4. that 94% of pregnant women are deficient in a critical vitamin responsible for creating new brain cells and fetal development. 

Thankfully, these things can be addressed and I'm going to give you the playbook. 

Take a Peek Inside the Course 

Don't take our word for it, take theirs.

Alizée Sire, Founder of Studio Realizé

"I followed her advice on preventing gestational diabetes and although I was at risk of developing it (having PCOS), I passed the test! I am convinced her tips on balancing blood sugar are to thank for staying healthy! "

Dr. Cambria Judd, Functional Medicine Director at Hoag Hospital, MD

“ This program is a gift to all women desiring pregnancy, whether they are struggling to get pregnant or just want to be sure they optimize their health and the health of their baby. I will be recommending it to my patients looking to start a family.”


Juliette Schainuck, Vice President, Ares Relationship Management Group

So worth it! This is such an affordable option, especially the amount of content and for the fact that this is guidance pre, during, and even post pregnancy. So many people have to work with a nutrition coach privately during pregnancy which costs a couple grand! A steal!!!

Amanda Kate, Country Music Artist

If you are gonna be thinking about having a baby you need this!!!

Linda Tang, Co-Founder of WeBarre

"This is a great asset to have, especially for those who are at the start of their pregnancy journey."

Meet Your Guide

Hi Mama, I'm Katie!

I know how challenging and confusing it can be trying to sift through all the recommendations out there. That’s why I’m here to help you through it. 

I’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to! I’ve worked with pregnant women at risk for developing gestational diabetes, clients with low-level to severe nutrient deficiencies, clients with previous miscarriages, and everything in between. In this course we address many of the underlying root causes and the factors that are in your control. While a lot is out of our control during pregnancy, your nutrition and lifestyle habits are completely up to you! I know it can be overwhelming, so I’m here to guide you every step of the way so you can feel empowered with science and nourish your baby with every bite!


Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Certified 2018

Functional Nutrition Guide (MBG Certified, 2018)

Women's Health Nutrition Academy (continuing education)

Hear from successful women like you.

Paige Pennington-Street, Project Manager

"Hello Baby is the perfect guide for a first-timer like me! The guide and videos are incredibly informative, clear, and concise. I learned what is best for my body and my baby so quickly! I loved everything about this course and will be gifting it to my fellow soon-to-be mom friends!” 

Emily R., RN

"Katie gives great examples, but gives the freedom to go about this on my own. You can tell she really cares about my well being and my little one! I’d recommend Hello Baby for anyone who’s pregnant or planning on getting pregnant. It’s helped me be so much more comfortable!"

Hannah Shore, Fitness Instructor and Real Estate Design Manager

"I have already recommended it to my sisters and friends! It's great for not just women trying to get pregnant but to just work on your overall health when you're wanting kids in the next year or so."

You Can Do This Mama!

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Take the first step in taking control over what your baby’s cells are made of!

2. Watch the Videos

Learn at your own pace and reference the guide for clickable links, recipes, and meal plans!

3. Put it into Action

Set your baby up for health and success through yummy, nutrient dense food!

Let's get started!


Imagine this...

We know you’re the type of mom who wants to do the best for their baby. We also know it can be tough to eat well under normal circumstances, but being pregnant can make it THAT much harder. That’s why we break down the confusing science behind what you and your baby actually need during pregnancy and serve it up into an easy to implement guide. We make it fun and motivating for you to improve your nutrient status with meals and snacks you love. We also recommend the best quality prenatal vitamins on the market so you can save time and rest assured you're getting what you need (and no, they’re not the popular and trendy instagram vitamins). 


The problem is you’re likely deficient in nutrients that you aren’t even aware of that are critical for fetal development. That’s why we’re here to guide you. We’ve helped thousands of women become pregnant and carry out healthy pregnancies and the result is adorable, healthy, smart, strong, happy babies. 


It’s not an overstatement when we say, you literally have the power to change the trajectory of your baby's life with what you eat during pregnancy. Take control by taking the course. You will come away with so much confidence and feel so good about what you’re feeding not only yourself, but your growing baby.


Imagine all the incredible things your little one will be doing at age 5, or 8, or 10, or 18, or 21....all because YOU nourished them during pregnancy! 


Most women just Google their way though their pregnancies and take the nutrition pamphlet at the doctors office. But you know you can do SO much better than that and I want to teach you how! 

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